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Sharon Energy and Environment Commission



Carolyn Mattoon, Chairperson               10/09/2019
Michael Tesoro                                     10/09/2019  
Sarah Coon                                              10/09/2020
Oscar R. Martinez                                     10/09/2019
Douglas Rick                                              10/09/2020
Roger Liddell                                             10/09/2020


 Radon or Faulty Insulation in your Home?

The Hotchkiss Library has two easy–to–use devices provided by the Sharon Energy and Enivonment Commission
that will help you diagnose each of these potential problems and take steps to remedy,
if necessary. Both may be borrowed from the Library.

  • Radon Gas Detector

Radon gas is harmful to your health. Basements should be checked periodically to see if radon is present.
With the radon detector, the test takes seven (7) days and provides data on fluctuating levels of gas and a seven day average.

  • Fluke Infrared Thermometer

Most homes have spots where heat is leaking out and cold is coming in or vice versa, if you are using air conditioning.
The Fluke Infrared Thermometer is a hand held device that instantly identifies such problem areas.

Instructions for both devices are provided in the kit that comes with each.

 The Sharon Energy and Environment Commission is to study and address some of the current
and anticipated challenges related to energy supply
and demand in our town, to attend to environment,
and to educate the public concerning these issues.

Last Updated (Wednesday, 17 October 2018 10:01)