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Historic District Commission

Historic District Commission

John Baroody,  Chairman 2023
J. Barclay Collins, 2024
Lionel Goldfrank III, 2020
Elizabeth Hall, 2020
Stephen Szalewicz, 2022

Alternate Members:  
Scot Samuelson, 2022
Theo Coulombe, 2020
Edwin Yowell, 2021


The Sharon Historic District Commission (SHDC) is a unit of Sharon's Town Government organized and operating under principles set forth in Chapter 93a, Section 7-147

of the Statutes of the State of Connecticut as well as those of the Sharon Historic District Rules and Procedures.


The SHDC represents the interests of our community in maintaining the historical and architectural integrity of the town’s historic districts.

Working with property owners and municipal agencies, the SHDC helps to preserve buildings and structures within

the designated areas by reviewing any proposed changes that will be visible from a public way.


The Commission helps promote the preservation and responsible treatment of Sharon’s significant historical and architectural resources:

providing a connection to our heritage,

adding to the visual richness of the town,

creating economic benefits such as more stable property values,

well-maintained infrastructure, stronger community identity and increased tourism.


The establishment and designation of our historic districts are an effective legal means of giving local Sharon residents

control over the character and appearance of our community while still allowing growth and change.




To download the Property Owners Guide click here

To download the Rules and Procedures click here

Regulations for Temporary Signs - Adopted August 24, 2015 - click here

NEW - Solar Energy System Guidelines - Click here