Radon or Faulty Insulation in your Home?


The Hotchkiss Library has two easy–to–use devices provided by the Sharon Energy and Enivonment Commission
that will help you diagnose each of these potential problems and take steps to remedy, if necessary.
Both may be borrowed from the Library.


  • Radon Gas Detector


Radon gas is harmful to your health. Basements should be checked periodically to see if radon is present.
With the radon detector, the test takes seven (7) days and provides data on fluctuating levels of gas and a seven day average.


 Fluke Infrared Thermometer


Most homes have spots where heat is leaking out and cold is coming in or vice versa, if you are using air conditioning.
The Fluke Infrared Thermometer is a hand held device that instantly identifies such problem areas.


Instructions for both devices are provided in the kit that comes with each.



We have recently come across a very informative site which comes from Con Edison.

 It will allow you to calculate how much electricity each of your appliances uses and you can then see what your savings might be if you either unplug the appliance when not in use or reduce your usage.

 Since the site is from Con Edison they use a price for electricity of 27 cents/kwh.

 You will have to adjust the cost proportionately for the lower cost for your electricity, which in CL&P territory ranges from 17 cents/kwh to 20 cents/kwh. [We could not find a manner to vary the price on the site.]

 The two sites are

 There is also much more information on the site which will allow you to go through your home and see where you can look for loss of energy.


 These two sites will provide you further information          

In addition to reducing your cost of electricity by choosing the lowest priced supplier (called the “generation charge” on your bill), you should consult these other links to see how you can benefit from information presented by the “energizect” website. This website is put together by the State of Connecticut and the local utilities.

The link is

Other helpful information is to be found on the websites of our neighbouring communities and their links, plus two other links, are

Lots of interesting information on our web site.

Energize Connecticut is an initiative dedicated to empowering

Connecticut citizens to make smart energy choices.

Residents, businesses and municipalities can find

resources to make saving energy easy and help build a clean energy future for our state.