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London born MIA has been heavily criticised for giving a Cheap Soccer Jerseys one fingered salute during a performance of the pop star new song, Give Me All Your Luvin.

With millions of children watching, she also appeared to shout the words: don give a

The broadcaster NBC was forced to apologise for screening the obscenities, blaming a failure in the delay system which was introduced following Janet Jackson infamous malfunction to prevent the showing of inappropriate material during the Super Bowl.

Madonna herself had promised that her show would contain no shocks such as that Cheap Soccer Jerseys Wholesale produced when Justin Timberlake bared Miss Jackson breast at the end of their 2004 Super Bowl half time performance.

But halfway into a lively set, during which Madonna dressed as a cheerleader and Egyptian queen to reprise such favourites as Vogue, Like a Prayer and Music, MIA appeared to have other ideas.

Super Bowl gaffe: London born rapper MIA

Starring as a guest vocalist alongside Nicki Minaj, in a high point of the show watched by more Cheap Soccer Jerseys For Sale than 100 million viewers in America alone, MIA made what was described as a gesture at the crowd, and appeared to swear at the same time.

While the broadcaster did blur the screen briefly, it came too late to obscure the offending finger. NBC and the NFL, the sporting body which runs the professional American football game, received a number of complaints.

In a statement afterwards, NBC said: apologise for the inappropriate gesture that aired during half time. It was a spontaneous gesture that our delay system caught late.

Brian McCarthy, spokesman for the NFL, which produced Madonna halftime show, added: obscene gesture in the Cheap Soccer Jerseys Online performance was completely inappropriate, very disappointing and we apologise to our fans.

The controversy could not overshadow the excitement of the game, which was won in the last minute by the New York Giants, who beat their long time rivals the New England Patriots by 21 to 17.

While New Yorkers celebrated, disappointed Patriots fans had to be dispersed by riot police at the University Cheap Soccer Jerseys Buy of Massachusetts as they refused to leave the campus following the end of the game.

This year Super Bowl was played at the Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, and Madonna performance was the latest in a line of big name stars who have taken to the field at half time to entertain the crowds and those watching on television.

Also wowing the TV audience were the traditional Super Bowl commercial breaks, with advertisers vying with each other to produce the most memorable slot, and paying up to $3.5 million (22 million) for 30 seconds for the privilege the equivalent of 3 cents (2p) per viewer.

This year line up featured a number of British stars, including footballer David Beckham in his underwear for Cheap Soccer Jerseys H Elton John, the singer, flogging Pepsi and comedian Ricky Gervais in an advert for Time Warner Cable.

Jerry Seinfeld, Matthew Broderick and Jay Leno all appeared, with adverts for cars and commercials featuring dogs providing the main theme for the evening.